December 27, 2011

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Exclusives

So the Big hit this Christmas for my boys was Skylanders. All four boys love it! (Mom and dad like playing too.) It was a gift from Grandpa and Amanda that has filled the day up with adventure, puzzle solving and mystery. The game has a Portal of Power that you put up to two characters on at a time to play the adventure. Now I guess we were lucky that it came from Best Buy because the starter pack from there has an exclusive Player vs. Player chip. It can only be bought at Best Buy. With all the additional characters, the game can get extremely expensive. The other exclusives include Whirlwind from Target, Drill Sergeant from Walmart, and the Legendary Pack with LChop Chop, LSpyro, and LBash from ToysRUs. Of course the game can get expensive if you buy it the wrong way. Never buy it out right! Buy the game (from best buy) when it's on sale. Wait to get any of the characters until you find them on sale. They had them 2 for $10 for the day after Thanksgiving sale, then if you find them at Sears you can have them price match anything when you bring in the ad. They not only price matched, but they beat the price so we got 2 additional characters for $8.50. Actually Best Buy price matches too. The game was such a big hit here and I was a little stressed out seeing that the game could cost a ridiculous amount of money. There are also two exclusive characters to the 3DS Starter Pack: Dark Spyro and Ignitor. Not to mention the expansion packs Darklight Crypt, Pirate Seas, and soon to come Empire of Ice. Each of those packs are at least $20 each. It's a little crazy to go so out of control for a video game... a game that you just sit there. Okay there are people that HAVE to have every character, but I can't even imagine. The cost of the game and all characters from Best Buy at the cheapest I've seen them would be $240. That would be every expansion pack, character, and the PvP chip except Ignitor and Dark Spyro. I was looking on ebay and those two characters are selling for $30 t0 $40 each. I am just blown away. After looking at full priced items the game could cost people up to $360. These prices are all before tax. I have been surprised before, but this blew me away. They sure are making a killing off this game.

I love it that people are buying it for us as gifts, because there is no way I could justify buying this game. Especially when we could drive to the Wolf Lodge, stay for two nights, and go around fighting a dragon (active family fun!) for the same price, or take a trip up the mountain to go camping for a week for cheaper.

Don't get me wrong... I do love the game, but seriously?

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